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Fiber Mesh

Fiber mesh can be added to concrete to help increase its surface durability and reduce cracking .


Adding color to your concrete gives your project  a more attractive look . We offer an easier, cleaner and more durable approach to coloring your concrete. 

Stamps and pumping

Getting ready to pour your project can be a hassle, let us help. We have teamed up with a number of local concrete pumpers and a concrete stamp rental business for your convenience.


We know that today's concrete needs can range widely from customer to customer here at Concord Ready Mix we do our best to get you the design and equipment that meets or exceeds your needs.

In addition to our standard concrete mixes we offer a variety of additives for your mix. We have also teamed up with a few local businesses to bring you a better service. give us a call to discuss the pricing for your specific needs.


Some projects require a faster setting time. 

We use a non-chloride accelerator that not only decreases setting time, but improves workability as well as strength and density.